Our restaurant menu


PREMIUM Steak tartar of wholegrain mustard-beef (CE-H-MO-P) 20.50€
Crispy beef croquettes (CE-L-H-SO-A) 15.90€
Olive oil-marinated tongue with smoky paprika 14.90€
Black pudding with apple compote and pine nuts from Castilla (L-FR) 14.90€
Millefeuille of octopus with boiled potatoes (M) 21.90€
Cured beef 17.50€
Grilled vegetables 16.50€
Grilled ash leeks with romescu sauce and vinaigrette (S-CE-FR) 14.50€
Carpaccio of albacore with tomato and basil oil (M-FR) 19.70€
Anchovies from Cantabrian Sea Yurrita (P-CE) 22.90€
Cod cheeks and pilpil sauce (P) 22.90€


Cod in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with leeks, boiled eggs and mayonnaise (H-CR-S-P-MO) 17.90€
Quinoa salad with avocado, marinated-salmon and lime-vinegar(P-FR) 16.90€
Gourmet salad with a variety of lettuce leaves, walnuts, Cherry tomatoes and grilled goat cheese(L-FR) 16.90€
Tudela lettuce hearts salad, with anchovies and albacore(P-S) 18.90€


“Valderas cod”, cod in olive oil, garlic and paprika (P) 20.50€
Cod with pil pil sauce (P) 21.00€
Cod cooked in the oven with onions, red and Green peppers (P-CE) 21.00€
Broken fried eggs with cod, fried potatoes, red and green peppers and onions(P-CE-H) 17.90€
Layers of cod-millefeulle filled with spider crab with two sauces((L-H-P-CE-A-S-CR) 24.50€
Cod topped with melted blue cheese from Valdeon
Grilled cod with boletus mushrooms and mutton sweetbreads (P) 23.50€
Cod with baby squids in black pil pil sauce (P-CE-M) 22.50€
Rice with cod and mayonnaise, garlic and oil dressing (P-H) 18.50€
Fillet of cod with roaster red peppers (P) 22.50€
Pig trotters stuffed with cod in biscayne sauce (CE-P-S) 22.50€
Braised cod with “green mojo canario” (S-FR-P) 22.50€
Cod in green sauce with clams (P-M-CE) 25.50€


Wild fresh fish. Check with the staff


PREMIUM Beef sirlon 22.90€
PREMIUM Beef t-bone steak (1 kg) 54.00€
PREMIUM Beef t-bone steak (1/2Kg) 27.00€
Lamb chops 21.80€
Veal cutlets in cheese sauce or black pepper sauce (L-CE-H) 15.90€
Mini-hamburguers of beef sirlon (CE-H-MO) 17.50€
Oxtail with Egües sauce (CE-A-S Traces H-L-MO) 21.90€

IVA incluido

Our dishes have this allergens:

Gluten (CE), Crustaceans (CR), Eggs (H), Fish (P), Peanuts (CC), Soya (SO), Milk (L), Nuts (FR), Celery (A), Mustard (MO), Sesame (SE), Molluscs (M), Sulphites (S)
All of our dishes are cooking with Olive Oil and Virgin Olive

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